The caramels are sweet, chewy, and come in CBD only, THC only, and a 1:1 of THC/CBD. The caramels come in varying strengths, 50mg for the CBD only, 100mg THC/CBD 1:1 (50mg CBD and 50mg THC), 100mg and 200mg THC only. Our Canna Chew caramels now come in 10g squares packaged in blister packaging. These squares are then placed inside a dram and shrink wrapped.



Our fruity and potent THC punches are 160mg of active THC. Canna Elixir’s punches come in resealable, plastic flask with dosage markings on the side. These awesome punches are available in Citrus, Island, and Tropical!



Canna Elixirs unique line of oil based capsules come in 500mg capsule bottles with 10 capsules of 50mg. Our line of capsules are offered in Energy, Sleep, and Relax. These extremely potent capsules are formulated for optimum uptake and long lasting effect.

Canna Elixirs Muscle Relief lotion is a refreshing, skin hydrating lotion with a light relaxing lavender sent. Muscle Relief lotion is available in 6oz 100mg CBD only and 120mg THC fortified with CBD, as well as 2oz 50mg CBD only and 60mg THC fortified with CBD. Our product is great for moisturizing skin with it’s aloe lotion base.

Our signature line of THC sodas come in Cola, Mango-Pineapple, Raspberry, Lemonade, Orange Dream, Citrus, Purple Dream, and Sarsaparilla (Root Beer) flavors. ~New flavors coming in 2017!

These premium sodas are single use for optimum uptake. Our sodas are 100mg of ACTIVE THC! This means your body is going to absorb as much THC as possible!

Our Canna Elixirs tincture is something we pride ourselves in here at Canna Elixirs. They are a fast acting, flavorful, and easy to use tincture, making it a great experience!

Our tinctures come in multiple strengths and flavors in both THC and CBD. Our CBD tinctures come in 100mg and 300mg strength. These tinctures are available in sweet and spicy Cinnamon, Sweet and fruity Mango and Tangerine. Our THC tinctures come in a 1:1 THC/CBD 120 and 225mg strengths. These tinctures are available in Mango, Tangerine, and are cool and crisp spearmint flavors.